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Can we assume that you know when you will be eating your next meal? Can you imagine not knowing when that meal will take place once you leave your desk? If it were a Friday afternoon and you weren’t sure you’d eat until Monday when you came back to work, that would be very frightening. Unfortunately, Friday is a frightening day for many children in North Central Oklahoma as food may be scarce or absent in their home over the weekend.   

We wish we could tell you this was only written to capture your attention. However, this is a stark fact that was recently reviewed by representatives from Kicker, Forman Harley-Davidson, Oklahoma Closing & Title and Thunder Roads Magazine OK/AR. The facts were astonishing as we learned the numbers of children from the Stillwater school system who receive assistance through weekend food sacks during the school year. Our group sat silently listening to the director of the local children’s food program describe how she and a small team of volunteers supply up to 250 sacks of food for kids in need every week. That was FOUR years ago, currently with the help of KICKIN’ Childhood Hunger that same group supplies over 1900 food sacks per month to children in the Stillwater area alone.

The volunteers state that it is certainly a challenge to supply the children with nutritional foods which can be eaten without preparation, on a budget that is supported solely by donations, but every year that manage to do it! The sacks contain such items as pudding cups, cereal bars, vegetable cups, fruit cups, crackers, raisins, 8 oz entrée’s etc…. in the last year the group has been able to add fresh fruit and non-perishable milk. All of the shopping, sorting and packaging is done by unpaid volunteers

In 2018, an estimated $90,000 will be spent to supply these food sacks. The number and distribution of sacks is determined by the teachers in the schools.

As our need grows, our passion to feed more children in North Central Oklahoma also grows.

We are respectfully asking for your help in funding the growth of this program. Our hope is that no child will have to go hungry in the near future. 

Thank you for your consideration,
Kickin’ Childhood Hunger Committee